About Me

A Crafter for All Seasons is a title that fits me perfectly.  I am an only child.  I spent many hours entertaining myself.  I was always surrounded by books, crayons, pencils, paper and dolls.  I have a lot of hobbies which I love and they all have made my life interesting and fun. When I look back at how I could possibly love so many crafts I think about how my initial love of doll making opened my mind.  Many of the interests I have today have naturally evolved from that one passion.  I got the quilting bug from years of working with fabric.  Decorating and refinishing furniture came from the different props I have made.  Writing was a natural.  There is a story in everything. 

 I have been blessed with a great husband who is encouraging and supportive.  He can wrap a doll for international travel better than anyone.  He has never told me I couldn’t buy whatever it was I needed for whatever project I was working on.  He knew I was a crafter when we met and I lived up to it tenfold.  I have two beautiful daughters who have inherited the best of me and on occasion the worst.  My daughter Susan is fast becoming a social media expert.  Without her help I would not have a blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I am grateful to her.  She inherited what patience she has from her father.  My family is used to living with whatever I am creating at the moment and have always given me the space to do what I love.  And I don’t mean physical space I mean mental space.   

The best possible suggestion I can give to people who love art is to join groups of people who have the same interests.  You not only learn a lot but you develop a bond and make friendships that can last a life time.  I worked part time while my children were young.  When the opportunity to go full time presented itself a few years ago I didn’t hesitate to accept the position because I knew I would never be too busy to do my crafting.  When the kids moved out of the rec room in the basement it became my studio.  I can work on all kinds of projects and leave them right where I put them.  If I don’t get back to them for a few days or a week I’m fine.  Many times I’ll sneak fifteen minutes here, an hour there.  Sometimes I get a whole Sunday afternoon. 

 I always have something to look forward to and as long as I am able there will always be another project in my head that I want to do.  I am looking forward to sharing everything I do with you on my blog.  I hope you find me and write.  I love making new friends!


  1. Cheryl,
    I finally took a look at your site - what exceptional crafts you do. Everything looks so perfect!


  2. wow you are so gifted!!! the dolls cooking crafts,crafts ---you are soooo talented