I have been a doll maker my whole life. From the time I can remember I loved dolls. I couldn’t wait for Christmas Eve because that’s when I got my special doll. My favorite book about dolls is The Lonely Doll by Dare Write.  As a child I read that book over and over.  The author’s biography came out several years ago and I keep it on the table in my bedroom next to my reading chair.  She was and is my inspiration.  She was a photographer who took a cloth doll and made her come to life in simple black and white photographs.

I have never and will never tire of making dolls.  I started out making apple dolls.  I probably would still be making them today if they didn’t disintegrate with time.  I am not interested in creating pretty or beautiful dolls.  My interest is making dolls that look like real people.  They must have personality and expression.  As the years pass it has become a challenge to stretch my imagination as far as I can.  My favorite doll magazine is Art Doll Quarterly because it has helped me use my imagination.  Sometimes I like to create animals or dolls live in shoes and even a green crackled doll because I believe there’s a place for every kind of doll.  I have dolls for every occasion and season.  I like making cloth dolls but my favorite medium is clay.

When I am sculpting a doll I go into a meditative state.  Completely relaxed and concentrating, I can spend hours in my own little world.  This tranquil peace has helped me through the difficult times in my life.  I usually keep the dolls that have been published.  They tend to have more meaning to me.  A few are made with locks of my children’s hair, fabric or a piece of jewelry they wore.  I collect many different things and when the right doll comes along they are a good fit.  I am a costumer at heart so the most fun part of making a doll is after the hard part is over the reward is dressing and accessorizing them.


Mrs. Goldberg
Mrs. Goldberg

I adored my grandmother.  She was a tough lady and no one dared cross her.  My mother and I spent many hours at her house.  I think I was her favorite grandchild because I spent the most time with her.  As soon as I finished Mrs. Goldberg she reminded me of my grandmother Susan.  

Once dolls are in my house for an extended period of time they become my family and I can’t part with them.  However, I love making dolls for people.  Getting all of their specifications and details into a custom doll is challenging and rewarding.  I encourage people to send me locks of their hair or anything that will make the doll their own.   There are many dolls dancing in my head that still need to come out.  When an image keeps reappearing that’s when I know they are next.  No matter how busy my life is there is always time to make a doll.

Ralph and Justin

Ralph and Justin will be in the Fall 2013 issue of Art Doll Quarterly, dressed for Halloween!

Chef Otto 

Chef Otto lives in San Francisco, and has a part in a film being produced by a James Beard award-winning chef.

Puffins Past

The medium is old-world, antique finished dolls from a lost generation.

“Possession” by Christabel LaMotte

Dolly keeps a Secret
Safer than a Friend
Dolly’s Silent Sympathy
Lasts without end.

“Friends may betray us
Love may Decay
Dolly’s Discretion
Outlasts our Day.

“Could Dolly tell of us?
Her wax lips are sealed.
Much has she meditated

“Dolly every sleepless
Watches above
The shreds and relics
Of our lost Love
Which her small fingers
Never may move.

“Dolly is harmless.
We who did harm
Shall become chill as she
Who now are warm
she mocks Eternity
With her sly charm.”

Santa and "Green Man"

Chef Tammio

Custom-made chef from wallpaper border.
Chef Leo

Chef Leo lives in Florence, Italy behind glass in our wonderful friend Leo's restaurant.

Heather and Kristen

Kristal from Kansas
These three dolls were made using human hair and eyelashes.
Ginny Weasley

From the early Harry Potter books and movies

Victorian Cat

Time for Happy Hour!

 Rabbis Shapiro and Bettelheim

Sweet Treats and Taking a Nap on the Piano 

These smaller dolls are called "Little Sweethearts."


Ballet Lessons

French Painter

Old Man and the Sea

Jeeves the Butler and the Housekeeper


Cloth Dolls

Jennifer's Doll


My Teddies

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  1. Wow, so impressive. I particularly liked Christal from Kansas and Mrs. Goldberg. These should be in a museum. Congratulations on this beautiful collection of artwork.