This is my hutch.  It is 6 feet by 6 feet.  It is an Ethan Allen piece.  It was an orangey brown when I bought it for $250.  I sanded it down.  To distress it I banged a set of keys all over it and drove nail holes into to look like worm holes.  That was fun!  After that was done I painted it with "Jamestown" Benjamin Moore oil based paint.  Then I took fine sandpaper and sanded where I wanted it to look worn.  The finishing touch was a tough wax polish.  It needed to dry one week.  The finish is so beautiful.  I love this piece.  And, yes, I decorate it for all seasons!

Christmas 2013.  I painted so many pinecones this season.  I used every color in my house.  My kitchen pinecones are painted with acrylic "Jamestown" blue.  All of the other arrangements are painted with colors from the other rooms.  I finished them with glitter.  They were all beautiful but warning.  Putting them away caused a big mess.  I had glitter everywhere when I emptied all of the bowls.  Of course I will always put them out from now on.  It's the putting them away that I loathe!

I love the Shabby Chic/Parisian look so many things in my house are "Country French".

I love to crackle and distress old picture frames.  They make every print and painting come alive.

My masks from Venice.  The two above my husband and I bought on our honeymoon.  I vowed then we would go back to Carnival Time in Fevrary and wear them.  I am still planning to do that!  We may be the oldest people in that square by the time we get there but I'm hoping to keep my vow!

I love dollhouses.  I had one as a child.  After I got married I decided to make one for myself.  It reminds me of Martha's Vineyard.  I reinforced the floors and put Gesso everywhere so it is strong and sturdy.  It has lights and naturally dressed for every season.  I made the teddy bears.  They are always dressed for every season as well!  After all I am a Crafter for All Seasons!!


Here are some fun ways to bring some leaves indoors.

  This fabric leaf is traced from the leaf pattern below.  I found it on the Internet but you can trace a real leaf or leaves for different shapes.  

Cut out the leaf  pattern leaving extra fabric around the pattern and sew on the trace line.  Trim seams and clip corners.  Turn inside out.  Use an accent color to machine sew veins on the leaves.  I like to use 2 different fabrics for the top and bottom.

Here's another idea

 These jars are so decorative with faux votive candles.  Choose real leaves that are not too dried out and crinkly.  Glue them on Mason Jars (Walmart has tons of them this time of year) using Mod Podge or Gesso .  Let dry.

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