Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aussie Connection

Di and I - Friends Forever!

Di and I met at Mount St. Michelle in April 2007.  While exploring the caverns we ended up walking together.  We both seemed to be quicker than our husbands who were behind us somewhere.  We made some small talk and I asked her if she was British because she had a very strong accent.  She said she was Australian.  We talked a bit more and then parted ways.  On the bus ride back to Paris who is sitting in back of me but Di.  While our husbands and the rest of the bus slept, we talked non-stop for 5 hours straight.  Rush hour traffic allowed us another hour to get to know each other.  We found we had so much in common, especially our love of quilting.  She asked for my email address and said she would write me.  I hoped she would but wasn’t sure.  

Di made this beautiful quilt for me.  It is applique and embroidery.  The beautiful quality of fabric is not found in the U.S.
 Di, I have come to know, is a woman of her word and sure enough as soon as she got back to AU she emailed me and we have been best buds since!  We have a 24/7 friendship.  Since we are 12 hours apart and AU is ahead of us she always knows the news of the world before me.  But I catch up while she is sleeping.  Aussie’s are fabulous quilters and their economy is better than ours so they still have a lot of good quality shops.  She is a generous friend and the gifts she has given me are amazing.  The quality of their clothes and fabric far surpass the US.  I hope “Made in America” keeps happening –maybe we can get some good things again.  I will keep you posted on my Aussie friend and her beautiful quilts and yes, recipes!!

This is a traditional piece of quilting done in Australia.  Di sent 2 extra hearts that are pinned to the back for my girls when they marry!  She has such extraordinary talent.  I only wish we lived close enough to quilt and have a "cuppa" together.  Oh, and an occasional "nanny nape" - those sound so amazing!

The curio kit above was one of the many kits Di has sent over the years.  I love it!  I was able to make it my own.  You don't see quilts and kits like this in the U.S.  Australia is full of quaint quilt shops and beatiful boutiques.  The clothes she is able to buy are fashionable and good quality. 

We have exchanged Christmas ornaments and hers always for summer!  It is usually so hot in AU around Christmas time they mainly cook on the Barbie and have salads.  She makes Pavlova and fresh fruit a lot.  I will continue to share other kits, pattern and books she has sent me through the years.

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