Thursday, January 2, 2014

Post Christmas/New Year Catch Up!


It's cold outside and getting colder.

It's real bear weather!  We still have to get to work and bears still have to find their food!

But not Murphy Canning!  He's just hanging out taking doggy naps!  If Gramps comes today to take me for a run tell him I'm not going!  I'm going to lie here and wait for my mom and dad to come home and bring me some food.  And Grandma doesn't have to stop over to keep me company. Sometimes I like it nice and quiet and I can't worry about her tripping over me or slipping on the ice outside.  

Love you all MURPH!

*  *  *

Here's the  perfect breakfast for Humans on a bitter cold day when we're all snowed in!!

Aeble Skivers 
  1. aebleskivers
    Web definitions
    1. (Æbleskive) Æbleskiver are traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive shape of a sphere. Somewhat similar in texture to American pancakes crossed with a popover, æbleskiver are solid like a pancake but light and fluffy like a popover. ...Æbleskive
They are delicious!  Years ago, I went to Beltram restaurant supply store on Sherman Avenue in Hamden and asked them to order the special cast iron pan you need to make them.  Now they can be ordered on the Internet.  They are such a treat!  I put foil around the pan to prevent batter drips on the stove.  Spray the pan with vegetable oil spray so the batter won't stick.  Let the Aebleskivers cook in the pan for a while before you try to turn them.  The longer they set the easier they are to turn.  We found wooden skewers work best for turning.  Once you get the hang of them you can crank out a lot.  We drop a tablespoon of something in the middle to make them taste more like doughnuts.  I love jelly or jam in the middle.  This year we made a nice variety.  Some had Stonewall Kitchen Wild Blueberry and  Sour Cherry Jelly and others had applesauce and then there's everyone's favorite chocolate chips.  

Sprinkle with powdered sugar and load on the maple syrup!

 Here's the recipe.  I always rate them!

I got the recipe from this cookbook.  This little church cookbook has the best recipes in it!  I know because I have tons of cookbooks and usually never make anything in them but this one is a gem and I always keep it close by.

This little snow girl is coiffed  with my daughter Kristen's hair.  Her mittens and hat are made from old socks.  Her leggins are from an old pair of mine and her coat is a scrap from a Christmas project I made years ago.  I knit her scarf!  What a way to recycle!

Kristen started painting this picture a few years ago and never finished it.  I was so excited when she gave it to me for Christmas!!  I rotate all my paintings seasonally but it's going to be very hard to put this one away when the weather gets warm!

This is my other Christmas present from Kristen.  We were in a little shop in ME a few summers ago and I saw some small paintings like this.  I showed them to Kristen and asked if she would paint me one.  This is a belated birthday present.  It's OK that my birthday is in July because at least I got it!  It's in my butler pantry playing with the rest of the goodies in there!

This is the only project I finished this season.  I thought I would get so much more done but unfortunately LIFE GETS IN THE WAY!  It's a candle mat from a kit I got at City Quilter in NYC about 4 years ago.  When my house gets back to order-if ever-I will put a pretty candle in the middle.

Happy New Year!  Next time Ralph and Justin will visit again with big news!

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