Monday, July 6, 2015

Welcome to my Studio - Blog party 2015!

Welcome to my studio 2015! I just love this blog party!

This is where I do all of my quilting, doll making, and all of my crafts!

I have "stations" all over my studio.  Sometimes everything is thrown all over everywhere but I try and keep things organized so I can find them without wasting too much of my precious time!

This pincushion doll was very fun to make.

When I get a new book I always take it to Staples to be spiral bound.  It's very inexpensive and it beats trying to keep a page down when you're trying to read and work on a project!

I work on several projects at a time so my work stations all have different stages of projects on them.  It's so great to be able to leave anything anywhere here and have it be there when you return whenever that is...

This little area by my Bernina is where I can cut or do some scrap booking.

My main cutting area moves around depending on the project.  I was cutting and sewing on my featherweight with my last project so the action was in this corner of the room.

I just finished the top of my Civil War quilt.  It took a few years to make these blocks!

Another corner of my studio is designated for my ironing board.  I have all of my supplies on that baker's rack.  It comes in handy to have everything at hand.

What's in these big closets?  YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW!  Everything is in there and luckily I can close them so I don't have to constantly be reminded of my mess.

My desk and computer.  I bought a second monitor so when I'm writing my blog it goes a little faster.  I can see and chose the photos I want to use on the secondary monitor.

My overflowing bookcase.

Of course my dolls are always looking from every nook and cranny in the room!

He's taking a nap-I must bore him!!

Ralph and Justin like to watch me!

 Here's my Baltimore quilt sitting on a chair.  I just sandwiched it together so it's ready to quilt.

My dolly is always worried about how many projects I juggle!  She knows I may never finish anything!

My teddy stands there and watches too!  I'm never alone in my studio because all of my "friends" are with me!

Thanks for so much for visiting!


  1. For having various stations around the room there's no clutter to be seen. Great idea for having the books spiral bound and I do like the dolls you've made.
    Happy crafting from # 33.

  2. Looks like a big wonderful space for creating! You are so talented with the dolls you have created. Thanks for sharing!

    Teresa Young

  3. What a wonderful space! I love your dolls--they're beautiful! Like you, I have 'friends' lying or sitting around my space as well, but they're not have a beautiful or whimsical as yours.

  4. What a great space. I love your little sleeping guy!

  5. Beautiful space. Your Blessed. I can relate. I am a quilter also. I actually made Santas for awhile but I had a budget and quilts won. Thanks for sharing your space. I loved visiting.

  6. Great studio. I am loving the frogs. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

  7. Wow, you have such a huge room, Cheryl! It's so great that you have designated areas and enough space to have several things going at once. Thank you for sharing your creative space.

  8. Your such a large room! That's awesome! Sweet dolls and love the frogs.

  9. Your quilts are gorgeous!!!! How blessed you are to have such a large space with various stations. Thank you for a peek into your creative world.

  10. I realize I'm late visiting, but I couldn't miss this opportunity to see your beautiful and creative craft studio. I like that you have specific stations. I have zones, but only a few places where I can create. Your room looks HUGE. I was truly impressed.

    You have such gorgeous dolls and quilts. Having your iron set up properly shows you are a real seamstress. Thanks for sharing your lovely studio and all the stations.

  11. Hi Cheryl! You are so lucky to have the room for creative "stations" I like to create with many different mediums too and would be so great not to have clean up between projects!!
    Thank you so much for joining the party and let us have a tour! I hope you had fun!