Saturday, February 1, 2014

Frigid February!

Frigid February!

If we get snowbound again I have some great ideas to keep us from making cookies AND EATING THEM!

The only candles I light now are Yankee Candles because when I'm done using them all I close the lid and they're out.  We have ruined a few table clothes by over-zealously blowing out the candles. The wax always managed to fly everywhere.  Then I found fake votives and now I love to decorate with them.  Turn them on and off and you will have the votive holders forever.

I found these two small dessert glasses and decided to put votives in them.  They create a soft romantic atmosphere on that side of the buffet.

Years ago I bought some candles from Walmart mainly because I loved the lids.  They're about half used.   I didn't want to light them anymore because I didn't want to throw them out when they were finished so I decided to decorate them and not use them anymore.  I had some great Christmas fabric I wanted to display so I cut out the pieces I wanted to use and and glued them to the candles.  I've been putting these candles out for the past ten years and the fabric stays glued.  I use Goop for a lot of projects but I'm not sure if that makes a difference.  I also keep my candles in the unfinished part of the basement where it's cool all year long.

This is one of my favorite jars.  I was disappointed this year when I took it out and saw it was cracked.  I didn't want to throw it out so I decided to "dress" it up for winter to hide the crack.  First I painted the jar with Frosted Etching (see below) and then dabbed Snow-Tex here and there especially in the cracks.  Then I glued snowflakes and a few 3D stickers around the top.

This is the Frosted Etching.  I love it. You use it just like paint.  It dries very fast.  The trick is to make swirls when you paint it on the glass.  When you apply it that way you won't see lines or goopey mistakes. The brush cleans up with soap and water.  

Here's more etched mason jars.  I cut out the fabric pieces I wanted and glued them on the glass.  The beauty of projects like this is if you make a mistake or some of the glue seeps out it doesn't matter because the etching hides everything.  I also glue fabric to the lids.


These are Gingerbread stickers.  They work fine too.  I stuck them on while the etching was still wet so they got a good seal.

I really liked this bottle and didn't want to throw it out so I decided to decorate it.  I used the same technique as above while writing "COLD" in Snow-Tex.  Then I added blue craft paint to the top and where the seam is to make it look extra icy.  Most craft paints work on glass but if I have a specific project in mind I always look in the back of the paint bottle to make sure I'm using the right product.

I got this snowflake jar at the end of the season for one dollar.  When I saw it I knew a blue pearl effect paint would be perfect for the design.  The snowflake needed a few coats to really stand out.  All of these paints dry so quickly I was able to paint one layer right after the other.


Same with this snowman jar.  I just filled in the snowman design with Snow-Tex and painted the rest.

This little guy was 50 cents.  I couldn't pass him up.  While the paint was wet I sprinkled glitter on his hat and scarf.  Then I added Snow-Tex to his face and buttons.


  Everyone asks how my family room renovation is coming.  I will continue to post updates WHEN they happen.  Not a lot has happened since October.  I hope the next four months show some progress otherwise I fear this is another ten year renovation.  And I don't want to be living in an old age home before it's finished!

Watch for my next Valentine post.  It's going to be sooo awesome!

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