Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome to Where Bloggers Create 2014!


Welcome to my creative space!  I never had my own space until my children no longer used our rec room in the basement.  That's when everything changed and I took it over.  It's now my very special space where I can work on all of my projects.  The best part of having my own space is that I can work on a project and leave it without anyone touching it!

I am truly a crafter for all seasons because I love to quilt, sew, make dolls, knit, restore furniture and make all kinds of crafts.  I haunt Pinterest looking for fabulous projects to make!  Unfortunately like recipe collecting, I don't have the time to make most of the things I pin.  But I feel better when I tell myself I'm saving them for retirement!  

I'm going to take you for a little tour around the room.  This is Suzy my featherweight sewing machine.  She's relatively new to me and I love sewing on her.  I find it easier to sew quilt blocks on a smaller machine.

I love this old painted tile.  All of my precious treasures surround me while I work.

And this is Bernie my Bernina sewing machine.  I bought her at an estate sale for a very very reasonable price.  She's not new but she sews beautifully and I wouldn't trade her for anything.

This is my little ironing corner.  The shelf next to it holds all kinds of pressing supplies.

This room has three very deep closets along the back wall. 

I store almost all of my craft supplies behind these doors!

This cart was in my kitchen years ago.  I like it because it's on wheels so I can move it around the room.

This is the bookcase that holds most of my patterns.

Some of the dolls I've made live on the top shelves.

My sewing boxes stacked neatly help keep the room organized.

I love to sew and my mannequin usually models something I'm working on.

I am also a doll maker and have been published many times in various national and international doll magazines.  I've framed some of the covers and newspaper articles.

The long table next to my desk is my catch-all place.  After I've made something it usually sits there for a while before it finds a home AND the little things I love find there way here.  Ralph and Justin just got back from a photo shoot so they'll hang out here with the fabric for a while until they find another place somewhere in the house.

Here's my desk area.  I have been blogging for just over a year now.  I look forward to the quiet time when I sit at my desk and just write and share everything I can think of.  I've never run out of things to blog about.  Time is the only thing that stops me from blogging a lot more.

My good quilt fabric is in the containers under the table.  It deserves to be better organized but time is my enemy!

My trusty blog notebook is right at hand!  It's full of tips AND interesting things I've come across BECAUSE I almost always have some kind of crazy thing happen while I'm trying to get my blog out AND everything takes an incredible amount of time to correct!

I love 

Betty Boop!

Coming around the corner here's some more space to display my quilts.  

My bookcase holds all of my craft, doll magazines, books, etc. etc.  I've totally run out of room but can't part with anything!

Under the stairs houses containers with craft fabric, doll supplies in the yellow and black canvas tool box, my microwave to bake dolls, small quilts, journal supplies, etc. etc.

The back of this storage area holds containers of interfacing.  The front is where I store my yarn.

Here's the view from the table where I do a lot of my work.  It faces the TV so I can watch my favorite shows!  My time to create is usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It's my favorite time of the week and I look forward to that little time to craft all week long.

I love to put all of my little finds to good use.

When I want to work on my dolls I clear a space at my table and take out my doll supplies.

I can leave this head for as long as I want and pick it up again when I get the desire and the time!

Coming full circle around the room I have a little spot where my refinished furniture waits for the next step!

That's just about it!  Thanks so much for visiting!  I am looking forward to visiting all of your creative spaces too!  I would love to read your comments.  I always hope someone leaves a comment when I post!  It makes all the effort I put into my blog posts so rewarding! And most of all, I hope to make a lot of new friends at this wonderful party!

 Thank you Val for hosting the party again this year.  Your gorgeous blog inspired me to create my own blog.  And your party motivated me to create my own creative space.  What a win for me!

Love to everyone!

Cheryl Riello
A Crafter for All Seasons


  1. Your special space is huge!!! What a joy it must be to have everything housed in one location.......I'm bursting with envy!!! Very nicely organized and generous work sites......thanks for inviting us in!!!

  2. Adorable space. So much space!!Love it!!

  3. How great that you can keep your projects out and not have to worry about it- I stuff mine somewhere to "clean up" and then can't find it all! Great space

  4. Hi, and oh good Lord what is the house mouse name and Bernie, LOVE IT! You are one talented lady! I LOVE your space! wow, more ideas for the kat! lol thank you! :) =^.^=

  5. You have a wonderful space. I am sure not only is it filled with beautiful treasures to create it is filled with memories! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Nice space!!! I love it when I come a crossed other quilters:):) Love the blocks that spell out quilt. Would love to visit again. Thanks for sharing:)

  7. Great space, Cheryl. You have such a wonderful and varied interest in your creative pursuits. I like to do a few different things as well as sew, too. You've got one of the talents I admire ~ making dolls! I'd love to see more and will have to visit your blog again to see some of your handiwork.

  8. I am impressed not only with the size of your creative space but how organized it is! Everything has a place. I truly enjoyed my stop here today.

  9. What a wonderful space! Like you I have many crafting interests, which is fun because you certain;y don't get bored! I wish I could sew and admire your talent. I bought a machine and don't know how to thread it (I know, pathetic!). Thanks for sharing your space with us.

  10. Wow your space is huge and wonderful! Nice that you have such a great space to create! I love the little table you are refinishing ♥

  11. Hi Cheryl!! Thank you so much for joining the party and (your sweet comment about My Desert Cottage)!! Your basement studio is wonderful! I love how much space you have to move around! I loved seeing your doll head (it made me want to pop over to your website and see your dolls) and that little furniture piece you are redoing super cute!! I loved my visit!!!

  12. What a fun space to spend time creating.

    And, I love that green table in the last photo - great shape!

  13. I love your large space - I think it is a great use for a rec room. I really like your dolls. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a great creative space! I'm like you - I like to do all kinds of crafting. And your wonderful space looks like a place to get inspired!