Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter 2015!

It's April and you can tell by my hutch that it's time for Easter!

I made this little frog quilt years ago.  The colors in it  compliment my refinished little half table.

Last Sunday I went to open the blinds and saw my mom's Christmas cactus is blooming.  My mom passed away over 22 years ago.  She loved Christmas cactus and had several that were at 10 years old at the time of her death.  Chris worked in the florist dept. of Stop & Shop when he was in high school and college.  I credit him with keeping her plants alive as well as all of our beautiful plants.  

I'm always a little sad when holidays come around.  I'm an only child and my dad passed away 25 years ago and then my mom right after.  Our dogs and cat have been gone for over 10 years. When I saw the flowers on the cactus I remembered what my mom always used to say.  All of the plants and trees outside look like they're dead in the winter but as soon as spring comes everything wakes up and comes alive again.  She believed the dead sleep and someday will be awakened.  I so hope she was right. 

Here are some of my new bunnies.  I always manage to make a few dolls between quilt projects.  This year I felt like making bunnies... 

maybe because I was looking forward to the warm weather so much.

She's my favorite!

These are Chris' childhood bunnies.  They stay in our hutch all year round with the rest of our treasures.

In our house holidays mean eating so as always there's a recipe in this post.

This burrata cheese platter was a real hit Palm Sunday.  It's Luke's favorite but now it's ours too.  
We bought the fresh burrata cheese at the Italian store.  I sliced it very thin and alternated with thin slices of beefsteak tomatoes then sprinkled fresh chopped basil on top.  Then I drizzled a little olive oil over everything and cracked a little pepper.   

When we were buying the cheese a few really nice people in the store chimed in when I said we were going to make this for the first time and said we had to add some of this very thick balsamic glaze.  It's wonderful.  This was the easiest most delicious appetizer I've made in a long time. 

Here's hoping SPRING finally comes and stays!  

Thanks for visiting and Happy Easter!  Can you believe I'll see you in May!!

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