Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
We May All Have Our Differences
I don't look forward to birthdays now as much as I did when I was young but having a birthday on a day when almost everyone who isn't working is celebrating makes it a little more tolerable!
My  Birthday Drink!
A few years ago we stumbled upon a very small French bistro in the West End of New York City.  It's called Jules Bistro.  The first time we were there was a hot humid summer night.  We make late dinner reservations so we can explore the city more each time we visit and leisurely stop for a drink if we see a place we think we might like.  We sat at the bar at Jules while the Jazz band was setting up.  The manager was friendly and in a thick French accent told us we had to try their special summer drink.  That drink ranked up there with Kir Royales in Paris, Pimm's in London, Mai Tai's in Hawaii, Campari and soda with a hint of orange in Florence, etc. etc.
Cold Cold Champagne
In a mortar and pestle crush fresh mint and fresh ginger.  Add mixture to cold champagne and ENJOY~~

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