Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Dog Days of Summer!

Most people dread the dog days of summer but not Lucy!
Beauty is as beauty does!  Here's Lucy's story of how she spends her doggy days of summer!
I am a July baby - oh sorry for factual purposes only I am a Standard Poodle puppy.  Before I came to live with Mom Susan she visited me all the time at my breeder's house.  When she finally brought me home she sent out an email blast to all her friends titled "We have a baby!"
I was sooo cute!  Everyone loved to pick me up and give me lots of hugs and kisses.  Bring on all the love you want to give meI'm just a cuddly girl!!
By Halloween I was a toddler and my Auntie made me a Halloween costume so I could go out with Mom Susan to Trick or Treat!  Oh, I forgot to mention I have two older brothers but they don't like to get dressed up so they don't have half as much fun! 
How do you like the back of my costume?  I love the bow!
I ran and played so hard I needed a rest in the shade!
As I grew out of toddlerhood I found more time for naps.
All that sleep paid off.  I am growing up to be as gorgeous as Mom Susan.  Oh, by the way I only wear rhinestone collars now.  They bring out the best in me.  It's almost birthday time again.  I've grown up to be smart, sassy and so gorgeous!  And don't think I don't know it!
Now it's July again!  Birthday time!  I am too grown up to have a puppy birthday party so Auntie made me these gorgeous doggy cookies for my big day!  Bet you wish you had one!
We had trays and trays of these wonderful treats!
Yes!  I did share some with my brothers!
Oh, did you say you wanted some too?  Oh, dear, sorry I ate them all!  And, they were so delicious!! 
Stay cool all of you real Humans who don't have the luxury of being spoiled day and night!!  I'll be catching up on my beauty sleep this week while you are out working and making a living to keep beautiful creatures like me living in style!!
 Thanks for sharing my big day! Can you imagine how much more gorgeous I'll be when I turn 2? Bark if you want to see me again! 
 Bye for now!!  Oh and do try to stay cool!! 

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