Monday, July 29, 2013

The Perfect Super Easy Summer Skirt!

The Perfect Super Easy Summer Skirt!
Great for Me!
Cost $12 and took 1 1/2 hours (only because I hand-sewed the hem)
Just as good for my daughter!
$7 and 1 hour (she sewed everything by machine)
Here's the Pattern!

The skirt falls 1" below the waist.   It is so forgiving in every area!  No fitting.  Just measure waist and hips. 
My daughter wears her skirts short so she made a short pattern for herself out of newspaper. 
My length took the amount shown on the back of the pattern.  My daughter's length took 1 yard of fabric.  She also measured one size smaller. 
This is how easy this pattern is!
Stay stitch the front and back.  That assures that the waist won't stretch.
Sew seams.  Zipper side baste down to notch and then regular sew from there down to hem.
Put in zipper. 
Sew 1/2 twill tape at waist.
Another skirt!
One more!
The bigger and bolder the fabric pattern the nicer the skirt comes out!
Good Luck!! 

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